NOTE: Before attending one of the venues listed here,
call event phone number to verify current activities.

Can't Miss Milonga Picks:
San Francisco Bay Area:
Sunday: Bailongo de los Domingos
Thursdays: Verdi Club
Fridays (2nd): Downtown Palo Alto
Fridays (except last): Monte Cristo
Fridays (last Friday): Diamond Heights
Saturday (2nd & 4th): Sausalito
Saturday (3rd or 4th): Mt. View
Saturday (1st, 3rd, 5th): Danceasy
New York City:

Monday: Dance Manhattan
Tuesday: Triangulo
Thursday: La Nacional
Friday: Triangulo Milonga
Saturday: NY Milonga
Saturday: BA Tango


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"George & Miriam"

This is how to dance the tango! Feel the blood rise to your face with every beat;
while an arm winds like a snake around a waist that is about to break.
This is how to dance the tango! From "This is How to Dance the Tango..."
Words by "Marvil" (Elizardo Vilas) Music by Elias Randal, 1942.

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