Closure Systems, Intersection Spaces, the Cosmos and Tango Closure Systems Closure Systems II Closure Systems III Ditronic Sets, delta-Dimensions, Mask sets,
I-Spaces, and “What happened at t = 0? Closure Systems III

The Mathematics of George Nicol

May 31, 2013, Mathematics Dept; "Closure Systems."

May 31, 2013, Systems Science Dept; "Closure Systems Applications"

May 23, 2014, Mathematics Dept; "Closure Systems II."

November 7, 2014, Mathematics Dept; "Closure Systems"

November 20, 2015, Mathematics Dept; "Ditronic Sets, delta-Dimensions, Mask sets, I-Spaces, and: What happened at t = 0?"

The book "Closure Systems, Intersection Spaces, the Cosmos, and Tango" is a work-in-progress book covering most of the mathematics George has been doing for the last 15 years or so.