Help Stop Global Warming!

The continuing climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. Our government, politicians, and most people still don't fully appreciate the importance of this developing catastrophe which has the potential to extinguish life from this planet. People must act now to direct and lead our governmental agencies and politicians to take serious action. If you would like to do something about it, here's where you can start:

Help Put the Breaks on Global Warming! Please Sign Petition

Each of us has a responsibility to make changes in our life to reduce the amount of C02 released into the atmosphere and help stop global warming. Be part of the solution.

A few simple things you can do right now include: Stop using plastic bottles (in the United States, 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away each hour) Stop using plastic and paper bags. Use reusable cloth bags. Recycle at home and at work. Teach your children about recycling. Set a goal to significantly reduce your driving by planning trips, car pooling, and using a bike. Replace each light bulb in your house with an energy efficient one. Better insulate your home. But most importantly: Get involved with the politics of energy efficiency by contacting your governmental representives to express your concerns and find out what more you and they can do. For more details, see: Earthbook

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