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To add your web-site link, display ad, or classified-text ad to InScenes Magazine's home page or other InScenes' page, include your information in an email to stating the page on which you wish your link or ad to appear.

(1) Direct-text link placement on the InScenes Magazine's front-cover web page or a main section page such as the TangoScene's page is $40US per month for one month, $110US for 3 months, and $195US total for 6 months. See example link in the upper right-hand corner of InScenes Magazine's.

(2) Display ad, with link about the size of the upper-right-hand ad for "Weightless Slumber" at InScenes Magazine is $60US per month, $170US for 3 months, and $295US for 6-months.

(3) Classified-text, no-link ad of up to 250 characters in length is $40US for one month, $110US for 3 months, and $195US for 6 months. Same price as (2) with link.

Payment is made in advance of ad or link placement via PayPal using as the payment email. Usually ads or links appear within 7-days of receipt of payment. The above quoted prices are effective through December 31, 2010. Ads are placed at the sole discretion of InScenes Magazine.

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